Set 1 CBSE Board Xth SA II Science Sample Papers 2018 in PDF

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Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Board is going to be conducted the Class 10th Secondary level board examination in the month of March 2018 for all streams such as Science, Commerce, Art etc. Before it the students are searching for some best & latest model papers / sample papers/ guess papers of various subjects for their preparation of CBSE Board Examination. These Sample papers/ Guess papers/ model papers are very useful for all those candidates who want to achieve the maximum marks in their board examination. These sample papers are the best way for preparation of CBSE Board Examination. The students can easily secure good marks by these guess papers. So at this lots of students are searching for Sample Papers on various search engines before the examination.

Set 1 CBSE Board Xth SA II Science Sample Question Papers 2018 Download in PDF

We also provided here some best & selected Science Sample questions paper below for CBSE Class 10th Board Examination students. These sample papers are also available at the official website of CBSE board. So the students can also get lots of questions from the official website of CBSE Board. The candidates need to preparation for their examination according to these sample papers/ Guess papers/ model papers.

Check CBSE Board Class 10th Examination Science Set 1 SA – II Model Question Paper/ Sample Question Paper/ Guess Question Papers 2018

1.  A- Astigmatism is a focusing error in two perpendicular lines.

B- Stars twinkle due to refraction in fluctuating atmosphere

a) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are true statements

b) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are false statements

c) A’ is true while ‘B’ is false

d) A’ is false while ‘B’ is true

2. Energy pyramids of an ecosystem lend to diminish at higher trophic levels. This is because at each successive level:

a) Energy is being lost from one level to the next

b) Energy is being concentrated in fewer and larger organisms

c) The organisms become smaller

d) Energy stored and passed is less

3. An element “Z” is having the atomic number 19. Find the period, and group of this element by writing the electronic configuration.

4. Calculate the focal length of a convex lens which produces a virtual image at a distance of 50 cm of an object placed 20 cm infront of it.

5. Write the number or vertical columns in the modem periodic table. What arc these columns called?

6. Draw a ray diagram to show the path or the reflected ray corresponding to an incident ray which is directed towards the principal focus or a convex mirror. Mark on it the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection.

7. Write the name and general formula or a chain of hydrocarbons in which an addition reaction with hydrogen can take place. Stating the essential conditions required for an addition reaction to occur write the chemical equation giving the name of the reactant and the product or such a reaction.

7. When you add about 2 ml. of acetic acid to a test tube containing an equal amount or distilled water and leave the test tube to settle after shaking its contents, then after about 5 minutes what will you observe in the test tube:

(A) A white precipitate settling at its bottom.

(B) A clear colourless solution.

(C) A layer or water over the layer of acetic acid, or

(D) A layer or acetic acid over the layer of water.

8. (a) Give one example each of a unisexual and a bisexual flower.

(b) Mention the changes a flower undergoes after fertilization.

(c) How does the amount or DNA remain constant though each new generation is a combination of DNA copies of two individuals?

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